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The following links may include sites that are of a commercial or professional nature.  There are literally tens of thousands of other sites that have information of interest to dancers.  Here are some that your webmaster enjoys visiting.  Use your search engine to discover more.  Enjoy!

Dancing in Eastern North America  Looking for dance sites closer to home?  Thjis site lists many places to dance in Eastern North America from Ontario to Florida, and includes some contacts for those seeking instruction. 

Dancing in Down Under  Heading South?  This site describes sequence dancing activity in Melbourne Australia and includes links to dance web sites in New Zealand.

More from Down Under  Here is a new site that offers many of our dances in DVD.  Some of these DVDs are in North American video format and available through Dave Stevenson (see dancing in Nanaimo, below).

Dance Plus  This Canadian site is operated by Barabara Wilson, a competitive ballroom dancer living in Ontario.  Dance Plus offers an excellent source of strict tempo dance music and ballroom dancing shoes.  You can listen to audio clips before purchasing, and shipping is prepaid in Ontario.  For those wishing to purchase dance shoes, a trip to her store is located in Toronto is recommended. 

Dancing in Nanaimo BC  Dave and Norma Stevenson live in Nanaimo BC where they teach dance.  Both Ballroom and Sequence dances are held regularly where he lives.  He can also provide you with information about dancing in Victoria.  Visit their web site for more information. 

Ontario Dancesport This site provides information on upcoming Dancesport competitions.

Dancing in Toronto A wide variety of dancing opportunites, from the Scottish Highlands to Bollywood can be found on this web site.  Headed to Toronto?  Check this out!

Dance Vision is a good American source for dance music and instructional videos (VHS and DVD) on ballroom dancing.  Their service is prompt and reliable.  You can listen to audio clips and/or watch video clips before purchasing.

Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing A British site for professional dance teachers.

International Dance Teachers Association Another web site sponsored by dance teachers

Other Dance Forms - Ballet  Much of our modern dance technique is rooted in classical ballet.  This site contains links to information about ballet dancing. 

Other Dance Forms - General Information  This site provides links to background sites for many different forms of dance from Jazz through tap, Charleston, Hip Hop and Salsa.  

Professional Dance Vision International Dance Association This is an American based professional teacher organization that is open to professional dance teachers and competitors.  DVIDA produces some excellent training videos both for American and International styles of competitive dance as well as the Nightclub Two-Step and Salsa.  

Sequence Dance Materials  This site contains a wealth of useful information for sequence dancers.  A modest subscription fee is required to access some information. 

Sequence Blogger.  This web site offers some scripts for popular, but older sequence dances.  The site also provides interesting links for sequence dancers. 

Sequence Dance Online.  This has links to sequence dance clubs around the world.

Modern Sequence Dance World.  Find out the latest in modern sequence dances. 

Washington DC  This site provides a list of links to dance resources in and around Washington DC

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